What is CFJ?

The vision of CFJ shall be to become a “Center For Joy” for English-speaking Catholic youths through a familial environment to rediscover and relive the joy of our faith.

The mission of CFJ shall be to focus on the ministry of English-speaking youths to grow in their relationship with and to serve the Lord through activities  associated with the Catholic Church.

With the addition of #CFJ4TheWorld, we are called to expand on a God-given mission to continue to inspire other youths all over the world in their personal relationship with God and in serving God through activities associated with the Catholic church. We are passionate in sharing our joy and working hand in hand building God’s Kingdom utilizing the vast resources the modern world provides.

We are thankful to be entrusted with much, that our home church continues to expand beyond what our founders initially envisioned. Let Christ and the Eucharist continue to be the center of our ministry, and may we always serve our Lord with only the greatest love. We are confident that nothing is impossible in the Lord, and we are ready to move forward with great courage, hearty prayers, trust and obedience, and more passion and love to finish the good works that He has started in our community.