Nicholas Pudjiadi

CFJ, for me, is not just a community, but a family. Having been a part of CFJ from the start has allowed me to encounter many different experiences and feelings.
CFJ’s growth has not always been a smooth ride, but, in every bump that I saw the community face and which related personally to me, looking back, I realize that God was always there with Us.

NicFrom having been attacked for the legitimacy of our organization itself by heads of churches and people, every problem that I, during the time I was a leader, and the team faced only led to the growth of our service in God.
I see this as God allowing us to experience these challenges. However, as we rest our faith in Him, he leads us to his Glory. This is evident through our move from a smaller church to a bigger one, which enabled more and more youth and families to join.This growth became a platform for much more youth to serve and has impacted each one of them in many ways, from family members of the serving members accepting God for the first time or CFJ becoming a place where they can bring their problems and seek God.
One important lesson that I learned from CFJ is that, no matter how hard or harsh the challenge in your life is, if you fully surrender it to God, there will be a positive result. There is always a bright side to everything with God!