Leon Sutanto

When I first joined CFJ, I must admit that I was a rather lukewarm Catholic. Where my other fellow CFJ founders and friends shared about how God had touched their lives and how they were ever-thankful to God, I felt apathetic. They talked about how, when praying to God, they would hear God speaking to them, and I remember feeling that something must be wrong with me, because, when I close my eyes and pray every night, all I hear is nothing, and all I see is darkness.
I wanted to experience the same closeness that my friends experienced. Up until CFJ, going to church was boring. It was a duty for me to fulfill, because my parents commanded it of me. In my heart, I knew God existed, but my question was, “Does God know I exist?”
It was in Choir that I suddenly found this connection with God. To me, the lyrics of the songs were God’s message to me. Through music, God told me to not be afraid, that He would lift me up on eagle’s wings, that I should serve and offer up everything, and that I needed to surrender all to Him. It was here that I realized Choir was where I was meant to be, and I have loved every single moment of leading Choir. To me, my Choir family is the people that I can count on to have fun, to help support me when I begin to feel lukewarm about my religion, and, most of all, through their passion and dedication, they remind me of why I fell in love with Choir in the first place.