Cynthia H. Wijaya

Although I was born and raised Catholic, it took a long time for me to appreciate the pinnacle of my faith, which was the Eucharistic Mass.
My heart was first touched by God during Mass, and I had never felt closer to Him. Hence, it had always been my hope to find a youth community in Jakarta that could help revive and add some modern takes on the Catholic Mass. Catholic Masses are tagged to be boring, especially for the youth, and the younger generations are finding it too dull to attend. Therefore, CFJ was indeed the answer to my prayers and the solution in encouraging the youth to serve.

cynI started as a choir member and I slowly branched out to different ministries such as Lector, Sunday School (CFJ Kids) and, eventually, Outreach. When I first started, I was hoping to give back and to serve our God, but, in the end, I feel like I am the one who is being served! He has led me to this wonderful church family and to experiences beyond my imagination. These experiences molded me into a better person and to be more worthy of His love. The greatest blessing that God gave me was ‘true happiness’, which came from the togetherness, mutual support and love shared within my CFJ family. I was able to see God in my friends, who put their minds and souls into serving Him.
This feeling of joy is beyond what you could ever expect, especially when you are surrounded by such passionate and inspiring people! As clichéd as this sounds… CFJ has truly changed my life, and I am hoping the same for others, which is why I said yes to Outreach. 😜