CFJ 7th Anniversary: Reflections from the President


CFJ was founded in 2013 with the foundation of creating a community to unite English-speaking Catholic youths. We said, “Wake up, sleepy Catholics!” Sunday mass is not just a routine.
We all come for the wrong reasons, but, hey, come as you are, and we hope you stay for the right ones. It’s a platform to discover our faith together.


So, what kind of community are we building?
We are building a Eucharist-centred community. Mass and the Eucharist have always been and will always be the centre of our ministries. We learn and appreciate the beauty of liturgy, and we also work with the different parishes of the Catholic Church.


In our second year, we put more focus on Bible Fellowship, as it is important in nurturing our community to grow and to become mature Christians. We also introduced the culture of worship: to sing together in worship, what it means to worship God, and putting Him first, at the centre, and in control.
It does not matter how good the performance, ministry, and services are; it is our hearts and our characters that comprise genuine worship that are pleasing to God.


Our third year was about encounter – encountering Christ, because true conversion comes from encountering God on a personal level. This was where our focus became building our personal relationship with God, discovering our personal calling, and finding God’s will in our lives.


At Leaders’ Retreat, we decided to renew our commitment to follow Christ; #CFJ4TheWorld was born. We were called to expand on a God-given mission to continue to inspire youths all over the world in their personal relationship with God and in serving Him in our church and our daily lives.
This year was also about leaders regeneration. There was a change in leadership. How do we overcome burnouts? How do we balance career, family, and ministry?


In year five, there was so much growth, so much providence, and so many miracles. God put the desire in our hearts and moved us to fulfil His good works. He always provides the right people, the right resource, the right opportunities at the right time.
We had our first mission trip and our first charity concert. Wherever God calls, He equips, and He provides.


In year six, we decided to slow down, to strip all the unnecessary events, and go back to focus on the core: on building our own personal relationship with God.
We also made it a discipline to read the Bible daily and systematically, and we finished the New Testament together.


Now, we are all in this last year together.
In times of quarantine and lockdowns, we learn not only to deepen our love to those closest to us but also to expand our reach to spread the message of joy and hope in Christ. We learn that love knows no borders. We are called to help our local communities and beyond with our Care Community Drive. We also learn how to maintain our community virtually as we continue to have our weekly Worship, Bible Fellowship, and Catechism classes online.
And, just like the Gospel for today, the greatest lesson remains to love: love for God as the foundation of our being and love for others as the foundation of all our serving.
We put Christ at the centre of all our work, and we do not limit ourselves to the boundaries of Jakarta but let God lead us to greater places – #CFJ4TheWorld – to bring his children back home to communion with Christ.

On behalf of CFJ leaders, thank you to all priests, ministers, congregation, and all CFJ family. Our deepest gratitude goes to you for all of your support throughout all these years.
May we continue to serve our Lord in love and in joy together. God bless, and hope to see you all soon.

By Jessica Winarko, CFJ President

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