Reflections during COVID-19

At present, we are living through a pandemic situation that is so very ‘foreign’, especially for us young millennials. Physical connectivity has stopped and has been replaced by social distancing. Many lives have fallen victim to the virus, and shortage of resources adds oil to the burning fire.

Countries have closed their borders to their neighbours. The worldwide economy has gone haywire, as it fluctuates wildly based on every piece of news or tweet. Unemployment rates are climbing at unprecedented accelerated rates, and governments are struggling to push incentives in order to control poverty and crime rates. We have been relying on our human strength to get us this far. Our advancements have greatly pushed our human capabilities and boundaries, but, still, the virus spread is rapid, deadly, and out of our control.

In this period of helplessness, have you wondered what is to be learned from all of this? People have been saying that Mother Nature is unleashing its full avenging force for all the destruction we have caused. They have presented conspiracy theories in which they play the blame game left and right. There are even world leaders discriminating and faulting each other. Where is God in all of this? Where is He in our trending conversations?

Never forget: We are so loved by God. Did you know that? Do you remember that? All that we have achieved in this world are truly His gifts of love. However, why is it so easy for us to forget His role in it?

We sit on our human prowess and materialistic success, holding on tightly to our prized worldly treasures – as if we have gained it all on our own. We feel invincible, even to the point of immortal. The angelic sin of Pride has really become humanity’s downfall.

Unlike Jesus with His steadfast and unconditional love, our love for Him is always wavering, easily distracted and highly conditional. We say that we have trust issues with people, but this is even more poignant in our relationship with Christ. Pride is the root of vanity and is the opposite of trust. We love ourselves too much and see ourselves as more capable than anything or anyone else, especially Him. Pride is the door to evil that brings death to our sensitivity, love, and our easily forgotten respect for Christ. Now, in this dire situation, have you realised how useless pride is?

Currently, we are witnessing humans being stripped down to our most vulnerable and driven to our breaking points. Have you ever faced a trial where you feel completely – spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally – naked? There you are, laid bare for yourself to see what you and we are all made of: mere mortality. No matter who you are or how much you own, you are not immune to the impacts of this virus. Truly, there is not a single person who is not affected by COVID-19: victims, families, friends, people who are impacted economically or mentally, and many more. It pushes us to admit that we are limited, we are very much mortal, and we still need God in our lives.

 The thought of mortality really humbles me. I am reminded that, without God, we are nothing. In all the years of my life, I have never witnessed this level of worldwide madness. It is so easy now to slip into some form of anxiety, fear, paranoia, and even selfishness. So, how do we deal with all of this?

Let us go back to our basics, which is human creation.

“We are created by and for God…only in God will we find the truth and happiness we never stop searching for.” – CCC 27

It is time for us to relent to the truth, that there is only one solution that can give us peace in this chaotic moment: God. Do not be drowned by your fears; know that our God keeps His promises of love. Despite the horrible things that have been happening, take a look at the chain of blessings and kindness that is being passed from one man to another. How often do we get to see the whole world jointly channeling compassion? The spirit of almsgiving and love shines brightly during this dark hour, and this is where God’s works are found.   

It is no coincidence that this all began during the time of Lent, when we participate in Jesus’s journey to the cross. With everything that has been happening, I feel closer to Jesus, as if I am walking on the journey to Calvary with Him. Though I am sure that my journey is nothing compared to His, I am reminded that the cross I bear is also borne by Him, and every obstacle I face is also faced by Him. This is when I realised that there is no room for pride and that there is no other love more powerful than His. After all, Jesus is Love.

Therefore, we should know that what matters most in life is not our worldly desires, not even our worldly life, but our love for Christ and His eternal kingdom. It is time to remove all the hindrances that inhibit our total love for Him.

Strip me back of all my pride and possessions
‘Til all I want and all I need is Your presence
– Presence Power Glory by Citipointe Live

Heal us, Lord, from our pride, so that we can recover and come back home to You.

Let us all walk on this path together with faith and with His Spirit.

By Cynthia Wijaya, CFJ Head of CCD

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